WP1: Project Management
1.1 Project coordination
1.2 Technical management
1.3 Communication
1.4 Dissemination and outreach activities
WP2: User-centered Design Research
WP Leader: CIID
2.1 Initial User and Context Studies
2.2 Developing Prompts and Interaction Design Strategies
2.3 Design for Meaningful Awareness of Data
2.4 User Interactions & Design Concepts
2.5 Learning and Behavior Strategies
2.6 Target User Group Profiling
WP3: Tools and Infrastructure
WP Leader: UniPR
3.1 Clinical Sensors
3.2 Environmental Sensors
3.3 Wearable/mobile devices
3.4 Networking and supervision
3.5 User’s Interfaces
3.6 Pilots setup
WP4: Models
WP Leader: HIS
4.1 Domain definition
4.2 System ontology
4.3 Data analysis: tools and models
4.4 Testing and validation
WP5: Pilots & Exploitation
WP Leader: Cooperative Slimmer Leven 2020
5.1 Identification of pilot users
5.2 Pilot start-up
5.3 Experiments and data collection
5.4 Pilot exploitation in shared facilities