Project Management
D1.1 Report on the set up of the communication facilities, project website, project brochure
D1.2 Midterm dissemination report
D1.3 Press information set (including case examples) and targeted information sets
D1.4 Dissemination report
D1.n Contractual periodic and end reports (as required in the contract).
Annual Report AAL Helicopter 2013
Annual Report AAL Helicopter 2014
Annual Report AAL Helicopter 2015
Annual Report AAL Helicopter 2016
Final Report AAL Helicopter
User-Centered Design Research
D2.1 Design Prompts: Physical objects and prototypes documented as practice-based-research outputs and a source book of initial findings for the research group and publication
D2.2 Data Driven Applications for the Elderly: Literature review and report on design opportunities and technology potential
D2.3 Scenarios of Design Concepts Storyboarded Interaction and Product Service Descriptions
D2.4 Learning Model Report Digital Learning models with the Elderly
Tools and Infrastructure
D3.1 System general specification report
D3.2 Lab demonstrator of pilot kit
D3.3 User’s documentation
D3.4 Pilot Use and Performance Evaluation
TD Helicopter sensor description installation manual
D4.1 An integrated domain model of learning and domestic knowledge
D4.2 A refined system ontology
D4.3 Algorythms and architectural requirements in terms of machine learning and model execution for the most promising candidate method, in particular analysis in ensembles and evolution of models in the scope of ensembles
D4.4 An open source-based simulation available on the web that demonstrates the streghts of the models as well as simulation results
Pilots & Exploitation
D5.1 Criteria of selection of test sites
D5.2 Description of pilot sites
D5.3 Results of the pilots
D5.4 Definition of the shared exploitation model
AD AAL Helicopter business and exploitation strategy outline