Activity Date Medium and reference Indicative coverage
HIS (SE) Video Dissemination November 2016 More Info Indirect result of Helicopter
METEDA (IT) Web Dissemination More Info
SL2020 (NL) Web Dissemination News items on SL2020
More Info
SL2020 (NL) Paper for dissemination event May 2016 Youtube Video Eindhoven (involve end users and make them aware)
METEDA (IT) Web Dissemination Helicopter WebSite
METEDA (IT) Conference paper – Fano (IT) 08/10/2016 Diabetes Medical Congress AMD-SID Marche Region
“Technology and home automation in diabetology”
100 partecipants
UNIPR (IT) Invited talk – Bari (IT) 05/03/2016 3rd AGE Italian National Conference 120 participants (geriatricians)
UNIPR (IT) Conference paper – Nice (F) 28/09/2016 10th World Conference on Gerontechnology (ISG 2016) 150 participants
UNIPR (IT) Conference Paper – Wuhan (CN) 27/05/2016 14th International Conference on Smart Homes and Health Telematics (ICOST 2016) 100 participants
SL2020 (NL) Dissemination 31/03/2016 Introduction to the HELICOPTER project 100 stakeholders
HIS (SE) Conference paper – Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra September 19 - 21/09/2016 13th International COnference on Modeling Decision in AI 2016 MDAI2016 70 participants
HIS (SE) Conference paper June 2016 6th International Symposium on Ambient Intelligence AMI 2016 300 participants
HIS (SE) Paper for workshop September 2016 ‘Systematic Generation of Risk Evaluation Systems based on Temporal Motivational Theory’, USB Proceedings of the 13th Workshop on Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence, pp. 122–132. Indirect result of Helicopter
SL2020 (NL) Dissemination, St. Gallen (CH) 27 September 2016 Event AAL Forum 30 (workshop participants)
UNIPR (IT) Presentation at international conference: Ambient Assisted Living. ICT-based Solutions in Real Life Situations: 7th International Work-Conference, IWAAL 2015, Puerto Varas, Chile, December 1-4, 2015 December 2015 The HELICOPTER Project: A Heterogeneous Sensor Network Suitable for Behavioral Analysis
More info
100 participants
CIID (DK) Presentation about the Design research on the Helicopter project at ForItAAL 2015, Lecco (Italy) May 2015 Keynote 50 participants
CIID (DK) Publication of D2.1 “People Centred Design” February 2015 Hard copy and downloadable pdf
CIID (DK) Lecture at University of Skovde “People-centred design in active assisted living: The HELICOPTER approach ” 29/09/2015 Keynote 15 participants
SL2020 (NL) Dissemination Multiple times:
Introduction to the HELICOPTER project 100 stakeholders
SL2020(NL) Paper for dissemination event September 2015 Participant recruitment brochure in NL and SE language 150 expl
Helicopter Layout
Helicopter Layout Web
HIS (SE) Paper for conference ISAMI’15 (Web Site) June 2015 Automatic Early Risk Detection of Possible Medical Conditions for Usage within an AMI-system
CIID (DK) Paper for conference “Smart for life” April 2015 “Co-creating elderly future-self” and reports the co-creations sessions with elderly and engineers during the concept generation of the Helicopter project 15/20 Partecipants
CIID (DK) Organized and run Workshop “Stanford Medicine X Conference” September 2014 More Info Elderly people
UniPR (IT) Presentation at FORITAAL 2014 (National AAL Forum) Catania, IT 4/9/2014 MUSA: Wearable Multi Sensor Assistant For Human Activity Recognition And Indoor. Localization. F. Montalto, C. Guerra, V. Bianchi, I. De Munari, P. Ciampolini. (in press, Springer) 90 (forum participants)
UniPR (IT) Presentation at ISG 2014 Conference , Taipei, TW 19/6/2014 Montaldo, F., Bianchi, V., De Munari, I., & Ciampolini, P. (2014). Detection of elderly activity by the wearable sensor MuSA. Gerontechnology, 13(2), 264. 150 (conference attendees)
UniPR (IT) Seminar at “Giornata delle buone pratiche PROGES” (Best practice day), Parma, IT 29/5/2014 More Info 40 (medical doctors, caregivers, elderly service providers)
UniPR (IT) Presentation at R2B (Research to Business exhibit), Bologna, IT 5/6/2014 More Info 50 (researchers, entrepreneurs)
UniPR (IT) Presentation at EXPOSANITÀ (Health Exhibit) Bologna, IT 22/5/2014 More info 70 (Engineers, Architects)
VSRO (RO) Presentation of the HELICOPTER project at ALT Festival organized by ALT BRASOV – the Cluster for Innovation and Technology Brasov 22/11/2014 Event Regional coverage (32 attendees from education and business mediums)